Today, in the first instalment of “What if…we used this for that?” – The story of Nalgene – from the lab to everyday adventure.

72 years ago Emanuel Goldberg invented the first Lexan plastic pipette jars in Rochester NY. This new transparent, durable, almost unbreakable labware – Nalgene – quickly became the go to name for quality plastic labware.

In the 1960’s scientists from the Nalge company began taking Nalgene bottles on hikes and camping trips because the leak proof containers were lighter and more flexible than traditional canteens. Nalgene Outdoor Products was born.

By the late 1970’s their wide mouth design had helped Nalgene bottles become a staple of the outdoors community for carrying everything from shampoo to pancake mix to matches.

In the 2000’s, as the trend to drinking water on the go exploded, Nalgene became the iconic solution for reducing waste and saving money by carrying your own reusable environmentally friendly bottle.

All because someone asked, “What if…we used this for that?”

Today we’re asking, “What if you could use a proven technology to deliver your message in a new, powerful, and richly engaging way?”

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