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To change our world through content marketing, we need to distinguish ourselves as the leading educational voices for our industry. No excuses.

Joe Pulizzi

If your content marketing isn’t working, you can be 80% sure that the reason is too much focus on awareness content - not enough on truly educational content.

Myk Pono

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Dave Howard founder of MomentStorm Media Inc.

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1 - Through research, social media marketing and quality-content publishing, raise awareness and begin to connect with your community. Know where your best potential customers congregate and mingle. Have a presence in such places as Facebook, Product Hunt, LinkedIn and YouTube.

2 - Nurture your contacts by creating a results-focused virtual learning community. In this phase you spark the sharing of valuable information and insights, which makes participation in the community highly rewarding for your target audience. But don't just limit the value exchange to areas related to your product. Instead, encourage connections based on all areas of common interest.

3 - Observe the activities of the community and interact with its members. Encourage sharing and support of customer objectives. Learn the larger contexts in which your customers use your product. Link the results you will deliver to what your customers actually want.

4 - Focus your customer education on the key outcomes that customers are seeking to achieve. Map task focused learning objectives. Understand that the key outcomes may not always be what the customer thinks they are. Connect competencies in using your product to the badass results your customers need.

5 - Using rapid educational techniques and proven adult-learning approaches, create materials that guide your current and potential customers to become quickly effective at achieving their desired outcomes. You must be an effective educator to ensure your users become badass at using your product to achieve transformative outcomes in their larger contexts. 

6 - Support and nurture badass users of your product. Capitalize on Word of Mouth (WoM) and Word of Wow (WoW) to widen your user base and market your product. Tell customer success stories where your potential clients congregate. Be able to say "Our customers consistently achieve their desired outcomes better and faster than our competitors' customers!"

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