Commercial Energy Manager Training

Prism Engineering project - Online Training Resources for BC Hydro Commercial Energy Managers
Levels of video interactivity demonstration

Please Note: These are screen captures of the actual interactive videos in use. These videos demonstrate a sample user triggering the interactions but do not provide interactivity here. 

Basic Video Presentation of Content Without Interactive Elements

The Same Video Demonstrating a Few Simple Interactions

  • at the 13 second mark there is the option to see a secondary detailed slide re: Medium/Heavy EV. If this were the final version there would be the option to continue w/o viewing the extra slide
  • at the 45 second point there is a stop and reflect moment. Viewers click the bubble to watch the rest of the presentation
  • at the 1:11 mark there is an interactive poll provided. The outcome of this poll can be emailed to any address for tabulation purposes.

The Same Video Demonstrating Additional Web Site and In Video Branching

All the interactions are included from the second vide plus:

  • at the 26 second mark there is a choice of two 'next steps' the viewer can jump to. The first jump is shown and then video fades and returns to the choice page to show the second jump option
  • at 40 seconds there is the option to connect to the live EVE Stations map on the website. Once the viewer reviews the site in as much detail as they want, they come back to the presentation and click "Continue course"