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MomentStorm provides learning, consulting and implementation for mobile marketing strategies that uncover the Invisible Sale.

To change our world through content marketing, we need to distinguish ourselves as the leading educational voices for our industry. No excuses.

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If your content marketing isn’t working, you can be 80% sure that the reason is too much focus on awareness content - not enough truly educational content.

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Dave Howard Co-founder of MomentStorm Media Inc.

Learning, Consulting and Mobile Marketing Strategy Implementation

In 2015 mobile web use topped 51%, outstripping desktop access by an ever growing margin. In the US, 25% of mobile web users are mobile-only (they rarely use a desktop to access the web).

"The implications are clear - if you're not able to reach your audience through mobile...or you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are." 


Recent studies have shown that as much as 74% of the path to purchase occurs before a potential customer reaches out to a sales person. It is common practice to search the web for relevant learning resources with the intent of becoming a more educated buyer. Authentic, trustworthy information about industry sector best practices and key considerations in vendor selection.  

Video is far and away the most effective way to educate and interact with customers on mobile. Many marketers believe that creating video is expensive and time consuming. Actually there has never been a more flexible or cost effective time to produce video that engages and deliver it to the platforms your customers are using today. All the key marketing communications platforms encourage the delivery of video content to maximize impact and relevance.    

Customer engagement is no longer a funnel controlled by your organization. Brand actions are just one of the cogs in a customer engagement engine, and not the most significant one. You no longer control when and how customer engagement occurs particularly on mobile. Today, customers or other actors are just as likely as marketers to initiate brand-related communication. You must move from being a broadcaster to being a listener-responder.

High quality educational content is difficult to create, it requires deep industry knowledge. Often marketing does not control this knowledge​ and have only  infrequent interaction with teams that have this deeper understanding. 

This means that marketers need to develop extensive new skill sets while facing budget limitations and the increasing need for speed when developing engaging and valuable content for customers.  

At MomentStorm we empower marketers to effectively and confidently address the self-education interests of customers. Through courses, resources and consulting we provide the tools to discover exactly what your customers want to learn about your industry sector and guide your implementation of a more effective mobile marketing strategy. You will know that what you develop will hit the mark.

The  data driven campaigns that you create will build customer trust and authority.

You will learn how to use proven learning design best practices to collect the internal knowledge you need and format it into powerful bite-sized educational resources that demonstrate your sector expertise to customers.  

MomentStorm has decades of experience creating and teaching all aspects of video communication. For over a decade we have been developing award winning online learning for large and small organizations. And we understand the demands of mobile moments driven digital marketing.

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