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Saving Customer Time is Critically Important

Lessons from the White RabbitWelcome to our periodic series of articles that explore key considerations in Customer Education (CE) connected to quotes from Lewis Carroll. You’ll have some fun by following

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Six Moments to Recurring Revenue

ObjectiveYou understand the effort required to find a good prospect, someone with just the right fit for your Software as a Service. It’s time to capitalize on the energy you’ve put in to defining

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4 Surprising Reasons You’ll Be Glad That Intuitive Marketing Strategies Are Dead!

​Pop quiz - name the one fundamental change you must adopt to keep your sales funnel filled in the age of mobile ads and micro moments? Answer: move from intuitive to data driven marketing video content

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What Are Your Customers Learning From You?

Let’s take a few moments and map the typical customer path to purchase. Let’s focus on new customers, folks who have never purchased from you and in fact don’t yet know what the solution is to their

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It’s time to make your marketing invisible

I was reading an article the other day that suggested the problem with most marketing is the noise level. When creating a marketing piece we recognize that there is a lot of noise out there. The solution

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So Much to Learn

Becoming A Successful Video Content MarketerLet’s get right to the point and address a few truths about video for content marketing: To succeed you must craft a compelling story which is relevant to

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Are Invisible Sales You Can’t See Killing You?

Every journey has a starting point. In the sales and marketing business that is generally the point at which it becomes clear something is amiss. It may not be a pain point yet, just a tickle of discomfort

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Short Leaps to Better Webinars #1

A big game hunter in India was walking back to the village when she rounded a corner and suddenly found herself staring directly into the eyes of a magnificent tiger. Fearing for her life she quickly raised

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We’re Not Commitment Phobes…

The revolution is here. Content marketing strategies are the key to winning customers with video for marketing and building brand loyalty. But you have to do it right and serve relevant info where your

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