Badass Users in 30 Days

The key to igniting your recurring revenue system is to help new customers quickly and easily succeed with your product. In this course you'll build a framework for identifying and delivering success for your trial users. You'll learn how to better target and deliver your on-boarding program to help users achieve more with less effort. Studies show your conversion rates will increase as much as 380%.

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By the end of the course you'll have a clear action plan, next steps, and a timeline for implementing the Badass Users in 30 Days success program in your organization.

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Full 60-day money back guarantee

If within the first 60 days after enrolling in this course you don't believe it will help you build a stronger customer-success program, we'll refund you the tuition fee.

Dave Howard

At MomentStorm we show you how to create customer success faster than you think possible. Help your trial users achieve "Wow, I'm Badass!" moments quickly, easily, and often. Learn how to save them learning time while you save support time.

Based on our decades of experience in designing and delivering education programs, we'll show you faster and more effective methods to provide product success education to your trial users. Adopting these approaches will create loyal recurring-revenue relationships to ignite your growth.

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