Moment Storm collaborates actively with our strategic partners to provide solutions that encompass the full spectrum of strategies for implementing an effective customer education marketing strategy.

Circle Learning

The team at Circle Learning are qualified, creative and experienced online instructional designers, media developers and programmers ready to help you develop and implement effective online learning solutions. They provide engaging content creation and leading edge delivery tools to re-evolutionize™ your online learning strategies.The Circle Learning Edge is your key to competitive advantage and market leadership. 

Lucent Quay is a full-service communications consulting firm. They add value in three related areas: Consultation & Engagement, Corporate Planning & Development and Marketing & Communications, using strategy and creativity to deliver transformative solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s business environment. Their approach is a mix of art and science: the art of engagement, relationships and dialogue; the science of metrics, analysis and planning. The result of these interactions is insight and improvement.

McEwen Associates is an educational content development and design company. They produce educational communications for corporations, trade associations and NGO’s. Used to educate buyers and staff, their adult learning materials will translate complex concepts into clear actionable components to support your sustainability initiatives, including:
Briefings – Multi-media on-line educational marketing content for selling your products
eUnits – Multi-media, self-paced adult e-learning courses for online training